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The Anchor Museum
Castrillón (Central Asturias)
Contact Address
La Colonia, S/N. 33408, Salinas (Castrillón)
985 502 163

Outdoor museum.

  • Free visit

    Free admission

A walk to "drop anchor" in one of the most representative icons of maritime culture.

The Philippe Cousteau Anchor Museum rises like a lookout tower on La Peñona Peninsula, a natural promontory surrounded by sea on one end of Salinas Beach, in the borough of Castrillón.

It is an original creation intended to pay a continued, loving tribute to the sea, its people and the entire culture it represents.

The permanent exhibits include:

The Sails and Anchors Deck
Six sheet-steel sails rise up on a 90-metre-long by 6-metre-wide by 2-metre-high platform. The chains of the anchors resting on the deck emerge from the sails.

Philippe Cousteau Bust
On a rock buffeted by the sea, Peña Lisa, stands the great bronze bust of Philippe Cousteau, symbol of a life dedicated to the sea and whose human and scientific values ​​influenced the course of many generations.

The Great Mural
A large ceramic mural respectful with the environment serves as an introduction to the museum, forming part of the access way.

The Temple of the Oceans
In the centre of the curve outlined by the sails and anchors, a wind rose emerges out of the ground for installing the container or shell into which waters from the different oceans are poured. A scenic balcony in the form of spherical bowl, located in the most salient point of La Peñona and cantilevered over the sea, complete the ceremonial space.

The Museum is conceived as a monumental outdoor site comprising:

  • The Sails and Anchors Deck
  • Bronze bust of Philippe Cousteau
  • The Great Mural
  • The Temple of the Oceans


The artistic works are distributed over an area of ​​great natural beauty, La Peñona Peninsula, which rises up like a lookout tower at one end of the beautiful beach of Salinas, one of the most celebrated towns in the borough of Castrillón in the Principality of Asturias.

The Anchor Museum