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Chapel of Our Lady of El Carbayu
Langreo (Central Asturias)
Contact Address
33900 El Carbayu. Ciañu
985 696 595
Ermita de Nuestra Señora del Carbayu
  • The key is available in Bar de Miranda, near the church. Phone: 985 560 816

  • Ecclesiastical
The church is located on a gentle plateau.

This Baroque shrine dedicated to Our Lady of the Oak Tree, dating from the 18 century, underwent renovations in different successive periods and may well have had a Romanesque origin.

It has a single rectangular nave consisting of three bodies from different ages, the result of successive extensions. It has an open porch on the north and south sides supported on Tuscan sandstone columns.

Inside the nave is covered with a false ceiling, while the first section of the apse has ribbed vaulting, the second, barrel vaulting with lunettes, and the sacristy, a semi-spherical dome decorated with paintings.

The façade is executed in well-hewn sandstone ashlar. The portal is lintelled with a lugged architrave, flanked by fluted pilasters with a purist frieze of metopes and triglyphs. It is topped by a curved pediment with a central niche containing the statue of the Virgin Mary.

The bell gable has three tiers: the first, serving as a base, is blind, the second has twin arches for the bells and is crowned by a third tier with a semi-circular bay housing a third bell. The sides are topped with slender pyramidal figures.

Chapel of Our Lady of El Carbayu