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Church of San Esteban (Aramil)
Siero (Central Asturias)



Keys: Ask for María Vigil.

  • Ecclesiastical
It constitutes a magnificent example of Romanesque architecture built in the Asturian countryside throughout the 12th century.

The Church of San Esteban has a single rectangular nave covered with a wooden framework and a lower, narrower east end forming a semi-circular apse. The triumphal arch is semi-circular and rests on two columns on each side whose capitals are quite deteriorated.

The most important decorative elements are found in the two portals, west and south, and in the apse.

The west portal is formed by two semi-circular archivolts, the insides of which are plain, while the outsides present a zigzag decoration. These archivolts rest on two columns with capitals with plant motifs and a chequered canopy. About this portal there is a stone skull, originally from another location in the church, which had been in the cemetery until 1960.

The south portal has two semi-circular archivolts, the insides of which are decorated with Zamoran scrolls and the outsides with pointy heads biting a round moulding, canopy and imposts with interlacing plant fretwork reminiscent of the Romanesque Church of Amandi.

In the apse, the decoration is quite varied, being mainly found on the cornice, the corbels and the central semi-circular arch window with an archivolt and canopy, as well as a chequered band that runs halfway up around the apse.

Church of San Esteban (Aramil)