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Church of Santa María de la Oliva (Villaviciosa)
Villaviciosa (Eastern Asturias)
Iglesia de Santa María de la Oliva
  • 01/07 to 30/09
    Closed on Monday

    01/10 to 30/06
    Closed on Monday and Sunday

  • Ecclesiastical
Church representing the transition between Romanesque and Gothic.

This is one of the latter-day/latest of the Romanesque churches in the area of Villaviciosa. It was built in the late 13th or early 14th century, and reveals some Gothic elements, so it can be regarded as representing the transition between the two artistic styles. It has a single nave, rectangular apse, sacristy and open porch attached to the south wall.

Inside, the nave is covered with an open wooden framework, and the two bays of the east end are covered, the first, with a pointed barrel vault, and the second, with ribbed groin vaulting. The nave and the east end are separated by a triumphal arch with two smooth archivolts supported by two polygonal columns on each side, with inverted pyramidal capitals. A pointed arch separates the two bays of the east end. It is decorated with zig-zag motifs and is supported by columns with zoomorphic capitals.

The exterior decoration is concentrated on the front south and west portals, in the window of the end wall and on the corbels. The south portal has a plain, double archivolt on two columns on each side with anthropomorphic and zoomorphic capitals.

The west portal has four pointed archivolts decorated with five-petalled and zig-zag motifs which rest on four columns on each side decorated with shafts and figurative capitals, canopies and imposts.

Church of Santa María de la Oliva (Villaviciosa)