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Church of Santa María (Lugás)
Villaviciosa (Eastern Asturias)
Contact Address
33111 Llugás.



Phone Ms. Brígida Villaverde on 985 890 910.

Iglesia de Santa María (Lugás)
  • July and August:

  • Ecclesiastical
The church was rebuilt in the 17th century.

The Church of Santa María, in Lugás, a small village in the borough of Villaviciosa, dates from the 13th century, but only retains the two portals and the triumphal arch from the Romanesque period, as the church was completely rebuilt in the 17th century. The church has a Latin cross ground plan with a large polygonal apse. It has a sacristy adjoining the north wall and a columned porch surrounding the church was added in the 19th century.

Noteworthy outside, from the point of view of decoration, are the two Romanesque portals. The western doorway is located on a protruding part of the building, topped with corbels and metopes. It is divided into orders of three archivolts decorated with geometric and zig-zag motifs, which rest on imposts and three pairs of columns with capitals decorated with plant and figurative motifs.

The south portal is simpler, with two decorated semi-circular archivolts, one with triangular heads and one with Zamoran scrolls. The double archivolt is protected by a canopy moulding and rests on a column on each side with decorated capitals.

Inside, the nave is separated by a triumphal arch with a double Romanesque archivolt with zig-zag motifs, resting on columns with decorated capitals.

Church of Santa María (Llugás)