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Parish Church (San Martín de Oscos)
San Martín de Oscos (Western Asturias)
Iglesia Parroquial de San Martín de Oscos
  • Ecclesiastical
It is built following the local fashion employing slate and masonry.

It was rebuilt in the early 19th century over a preceding medieval church that dated back to the Pre-Romanesque. It has a Latin cross ground plan, with a single nave that gains height in the transept from the transept arch onwards. It has two arches providing access to the side chapels.

As befits the architecture of the area, it is built of masonry and slate. On the floor you can still find the areas given over to graves inside the building, in which the Mon family -one of the major landowners in the area- has a tomb. This area for graves also reveals the hierarchy of classes of the time, with the separation between the area reserved for the privileged and the rest of the people by means of a row of narrower paving stones in the middle of the transept and at the entrance to the side chapels.

Parish Church (San Martín de Oscos)