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Shrine of Our Lady of the Holly Tree
Cangas del Narcea (Western Asturias)
Contact Address
Santuario del Acebo
985 810 640 / 985 813 011
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  • Ecclesiastical
The second most important shrine in Asturias

Located on a hilltop at 1,180 metres, 12 km from Cangas del Narcea, the Shrine of Our Lady of the Holy Tree (Sanctuario de Nuestra Señora del Acebo) has its origin on 8th September 1575, when the first miracle took place on the spot where an old chapel stood. The news of the many miracles of the Holly Tree spread throughout the four corners of the Principality, turning the chapel into a place of prayer. This led to a shrine being built here, whose works concluded 15 years after that first miracle. It has a Latin cross layout, with a tower at the front and a sacristy adjoining the southeast corner, soberly built in polished stone.

The main altarpiece was replaced at the end of the 17th century by the one which can be seen today in the style marked by the main altarpiece in the Monastery of Corias, with Solomonic wreathed columns. This style also appears in nearby churches and in the Church of Santa María de Celón.

The Romanesque image of the Virgin Mary probably dates back to the 13th century. The Dominican Father Alberto Colunga describes it as follows: "In its original form, it was a carving sat on a throne, and the Child was sitting on [the Virgin's] left knee, looking forward, with His right hand giving a blessing and His left hand holding a book." Over time, this image was touched up to adapt to the different way of dressing images and was remodelled again in 1900 to replace the original Child with the current one.

A mass pilgrimage takes place on the 8th September, on the Day of Promises, and, on the following Sunday, the Day of Offering, a procession is held along with the blessing of cattle.

Shrine of Our Lady of the Holly Tree