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Church of San Pedro de Nora
Las Regueras (Central Asturias)
Contact Address
Arzobispado de Oviedo. 33119 San Pedro de Nora
985 784 256 Parroquia
Built in:

9th Century

Further information:


The church dates from the 10th century.

The Church of San Pedro de Nora has great constructive and stylistic affinities with the Pre-Romanesque Church of Santullano, allowing it to be circumscribed to the same period, namely the reign of Alfonso II (791-842).

The earliest documented reference is 20th January 905, the date which figures in the royal document registering its donation by Alfonso III to Oviedo Cathedral along with the Church of Santa María de Bendones.

It has the same structure as that of Santullano despite having some different features, such as the absence of a transept, an archaic construction style.

It has a basilica layout with three naves separated by pillars, a rectangular triple apse facing east and a portico facing west.

The pillars that separate the naves lengthwise are square and support four, slightly canted, semi-circular brick arches on each side of the central nave.

The triple apse is rectangular. The three chapels communicate with each other via a doorway with a brick arch in each wall that separates them and are covered by barrel vaulting above imposts, while the naves have wooden ceilings.

Church of San Pedro de Nora