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Church of Santa María de Bendones
Oviedo (Central Asturias)
Contact Address
Parroquia de Bendones (Oviedo)
985 255 207
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  • Sunday and holy days of obligation: 10:30am-11:00am

The only Pre-Romanesque Asturian church with a bell tower.

Pre-Romanesque church probably built in the time of King Alfonso II. Destroyed in 1936, its ruins were identified in 1954 by Joaquín Manzanares, subsequently undergoing a controversial reconstruction in 1958.

The present church has a single nave, triple apse and narthex at the west end. In the north and south walls there are two compartments that communicate with the interior of the church.

In front of the church, in its southwest corner, there is a rebuilt bell tower.

The exterior of the church is decorated with brick arches and rebuilt latticework. However, there are original elements in the church, such as the triple-arched alfiz that illuminates the hidden chamber located above the central chapel.

The interior of the church has a wooden ceiling, except for the chapel of the nave, which is covered with a vault. Like other Pre-Romanesque churches, it was decorated with murals, some traces of which remain above the arch on the south side.

Church of Santa María de Bendones