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La Foncalada
Oviedo (Central Asturias)
Contact Address
C/ Foncalada (esquina C/ Gascona)
Patrimonio Unesco
Built in:

9th Century

Further information:


The sole example of a Pre-Romanesque civil construction.

La Foncalada Fountain dates from the 9th century and was built during the reign of Alfonso III the Great (866-910). It is the sole example from the High Middle Ages of a civilian structure built for public use.

It protects the source of a spring of drinking water that emanates from the ground itself and is collected in a tank covered by ashlar stonework. The body of the fountain is rectangular in shape with a canted arch and barrel vault, the top of which ends in two slopes, to the north and south, and at the side in smooth imposts with scotia mouldings.

The main facade faces east and its pediment is carved in relief with the Victory Cross, with the alpha and omega hanging from its arms. The semicircular arch is canted and made up of large stone voussoirs.

Around 1848, the Landmarks Commission repaired the fountain and, most probably, the rear arch was sealed off.

La Foncalada