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Chapel de San Andrés (Bedriñana)
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Bedriñana. Villaviciosa
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It conserves remains of the original chapel.

This chapel, situated on the left bank of Villaviciosa Estuary, preserves the nave of a Romanesque building almost in its entirety, identified and documented in the archaeological works carried out between 2002 and 2004. It is rectangular with a square, more elevated apse, with a hipped roof. The nave is covered by an open wooden framework, while the apse has barrel vaulting with lunettes and the chapels, groin vaulting.

Worthy of note inside is the triumphal arch, with two plain semi-circular archivolts that rest on two columns on each side with capitals presenting rather crude plant motifs.

The nave is illuminated by five small Romanesque windows; the three located at the top of the south wall and the one in the north wall are mullioned, with a horseshoe arch decorated with a simple rope motif. They are carved in monolithic blocks with columns and roughly-hewn truncated pyramidal capitals on each side (no mullion remains). The fifth window, in the front façade, is larger in size with a semi-circular top and retains plant-motif latticework.

The portal is very simple, comprising a semi-circular arch formed by voussoirs and a smooth canopy.

San Andrés de Bedriñana