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Territory (Comarca Vaqueira)
Contact Address
Parque del Toral. 33880 Pola de Allande
985 807 004
    • Pola de Allande and Indiano architecture.
    • Cienfuegos Mansion.
    • San Chuis Hill Hort and Santa María de Celón.
    • Village of San Emiliano.
  • Via the AS-14, AS-217 and AS-219

  • Population: 1,939 inhabitants

    Area: 369.41 km2

Prehistoric, hill fort, Roman, rural and Indiano. That's Allande, one of the most extensive territories in the Principality of Asturias

Allande and its inhabitants had an intensive fife throughout prehistory and antiquity. Proof of this is San Chuis Hill Fort, witness to the Age of Metals, as well as the Roman occupation in the Empire's pursuit of gold in the region. The Middle Ages is represented by Cienfuegos Mansion, which displays its power over the borough capital, an affable, open village where you can enjoy the cuisine, culture and traditions.

Allande is also a land extraordinarily rich in agriculture and livestock; a land of large farmhouses and one of the cradles of the finest Asturian veal; a land of large protected areas where you can experience Nature in its purest form; and also a land of courageous people who travelled overseas, made their fortune and returned. The result of this cultural fusion with the other side of the ocean is the Indiano culture and architecture that the town exudes, some examples of which can be seen in the borough capital itself.

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