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Territory (Comarca de la Sidra)
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C/ Jesús Arango, 4. 33310 Santolaya
985 898 002
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Aldeas de Cabranes y Picos de Europa al fondo
Torazo en Cabranes
Iglesia de Viñón
Vídeo de la Comarca de la Sidra
  • Via the AS-255

  • Population: 1,074 inhabitants

    Area: 38.31 km2

Exemplary, rural, tasting of rice pudding and boroña, with leafy forests and generous meadows, tranquil spots and the peace and quiet of the countryside. That's Cabranes... with N for naturally.

Nature, meadows, bucolic forests, a paradise of tranquillity. To say Cabranes is to be transported to a world where you can enjoy the best rural Romanesque, as in the case of San Julián de Viñón, as well as the Country Schools Museum and Indiano settings where these emigrants who returned to the region after making their fortune in the Americas have left their mark. What's more, Cabranes tastes of good cuisine and traditions. A key event for enjoying authentic Asturian rice pudding is the Rice Pudding Festival, although there are also other outstanding gastro events such as the Boroña de Forna Festival celebrating this bread made with cornmeal and wheat and stuffed with cured ham, chorizo and bacon.

But Cabranes cultivates not only culinary traditions; it also boasts floral offerings and floats, those featured in its festivities being famous throughout Asturias, likewise making the people of Cabranes a reference in terms of this manifestation of traditional culture. As a people, their neighbourhood community and ability to harmoniously manage the territory has been recognized through the Award as "Exemplary Asturian Village" by the Princess of Asturias Foundation. In short, Cabranes is a borough to discover which lets you enjoy the flavour of Asturias, right in the heart of the Cider Shire.

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