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Territory (Camín Real de la Mesa)
Contact Address
Palacio Valdés Bazán. 33828 San Román
985 829 702
    • Canoeing down the River Nalón.
    • Rock Art Interpretation Centre.
    • La Peña Cave.
    • San Román to La Argañosa Trail.
  • Via the AS-237

  • Population: 2,124 inhabitants

    Area: 71.97 km2

Market gardens and strawberries, stone and river, cave paintings of universal importance in La Peña. Ecological and sustainable, very peaceful. That's Candamo

A green and fertile territory, Candamo is renowned for its excellent market gardens and its traditional, natural cuisine, very much in keeping with an environmentally sustainable philosophy. If there is any symbol that can universally represent Candamo, that is its strawberries, unique in the world for their taste and shape, and also unique for the festival in their honour, usually held in early June. This fruit not only fosters commercial and tourist activities in Candamo, but also throughout the surrounding area.

The Nalón River and its tributaries have marked the borough's life and landscape, one that is rich and powerful, with outstanding examples of privileged spots such as La Peña Cave, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on account of its rock art. Nature in its purest state can be experienced in Candamo, nature which comes to the table straight from the market garden...

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