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Territory (Fuentes del Narcea)
Contact Address
Ayuntamiento, Ctra. General. 33812 Cerredo
985 818 795
    • Cerredo Pass.
    • Wooden handicrafts.
    • Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña e Ibias Nature Park.
    • Hiking Trails.
  • Via the AS-15

  • Population: 1,182 inhabitants

    Area: 87.16 km2

Forests and streams, trout and bears, coal and wooden bowl-makers (cunqeiros), bees that live in a Biosphere Reserve... That's Degaña, a veritable hidden paradise.

As someone once wrote, Degaña is a veritable hidden paradise. A paradise of secluded countryside where beech, oak, holly, bears, deer, wild boar and river trout appear before the traveller's eyes. This idyllic panorama could be no other than a National Park - that of Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña e Ibias - a listed Biosphere Reserve. A perfect example of the surrounding beauty is Cerredo Pass, one of the most attractive mountain passes linking Asturias with the central plateau.

This hidden paradise conceals important underground coal reserves that marked the life and development of the borough in the 20th century, while its microclimate allows vineyards to be cultivated, like in the neighbouring boroughs of southwestern Asturias. In short, pure Nature, where bees live a peaceful dream thanks to the bonanza of the ecosystem. What's more, it constitutes a friendly, human environment where the art of the cunqueiros or wooden bowl-makers is still on display.

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