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Territory (Valle del Nalón)
Contact Address
Centro de Interpretación Armando Palacio Valdés. 33987 Entralgo
985 311 377 / 985 600 050 (Ayuntamiento)
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Further information:

    • Pola de Laviana and its Urban Route.
    • La Chalana Bridge and the Arch Bridge.
    • Entralgo and Armando Palacio Valdés Birthplace Museum and Interpretation Centre.
    • The villages of Villoria, El Condado, La Aldea, Fomermeya and Los Tornos.
  • Via the AS-117

  • Population: 14,044 inhabitants

    Area: 130.99 km2

It owes its name to an ancient Roman road and its traditional song "Chalaneru/i>" is known worldwide. Palacio Valdés brought it to the world of literature. The River Nalón, its forests and valleys, routes, heritage, hamlets, friendly people and capital make for a unique combination. That's Laviana

Laviana holds the honour of having one of the most widely intoned popular "anthems" after Asturias Patria Querida, namely the famous "Chalaneru", which also explicitly refers to that part of the life of the borough deeply linked to the River Nalón. This river continues to be key to everyday life in Laviana, a territory where river fishing and hunting constitute two of the most widely practised sports and tourist activities.

The Chalana or Ferry Bridge and the Arch Bridge are two cultural and festive references associated with the river, while the forests of Laviana are home to the mating calls of stag deer, one of the most striking autumn spectacles.

Armando Palacio Valdéstops the list of its many illustrious figures (Fray Ceferino, Maximiliano Arboleya, etc.), and the ambience of his famous novel, "The Lost Village", is still played out today in the settings and natural, utopian and romantic atmosphere that permeates many corners of Laviana, and of course in his birthplacein Entralgo, now converted into a museum and interpretation centre. Laviana is also home to many peaks, the most popular of which is Peñamea, while its spectacular mountains and valleys boast villages of outstanding character such as Villoria and El Condado. The borough capital, Pola de Laviana, has been witness to its inhabitants' staunch commitment to history and an urban route around the town reveals gems like the Town Hall and the parish church, a magnificent example of neo-industrial gothic.

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