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Territory (Oriente de Asturias)
Contact Address
Plaza Venancio Pando. 33540 Arriondas/Les Arriondes
985 841 712
    • El Fitu Scenic Balcony.
    • Las Piraguas Canoe Race and Festival.
    • Active tourism on the River Sella.
    • Chestnut Festival.
  • Via the N-634, N-625 and AS-260

  • Population: 5,804 inhabitants

    Area: 126.08 km2

Sella and Sueve, river and mountain, balcony to the Picos de Europa from El Fitu or El Pienzu, the starting line of the festive canoe race known as Las Piragüas, pioneer in active tourism, cradle of canoeists and fishermen, and a reference for excellent cuisine, both traditional and innovative. That's Parres.

River and mountain, Sella and Sueve. There's Parres. In the centre of eastern Asturias, borough capital and balcony gazing at the Picos de Europa, in a unique, spectacular symphony of mountains which you can experience from the Scenic Balconies of El Fitu or from Pienzu Peak, the highest in the Sueve Range, that mountainous massif overlooking the very shores of the Bay of Biscay. Parres, a borough of agricultural, industrial and craft tradition - especially wood craftsmanship, has confirmed its attraction for tourists in recent decades thanks to its leading role in the International Canoe Race down the River Sella, the only International Tourist Interest Festivity that Asturias boasts. The legendary start of the race know as Las Piragüas from Arriondas/Les Arriondes Emilio Llamedo Bridge is a truly recommendable experience ...

Cradle of exceptional canoeists and anglers - salmon and trout are the most coveted dwellers of the Sella -, it is also a pioneer in active-tourism river activities, and is just the right place for enjoying leisure time in a natural setting. Another of its major attractions is its cuisine, in some cases, innovative, and in others, traditional - for example, its desserts made with chestnuts. Parres is also a pioneer in this realm: it is the first municipality in Asturias to have two Michelin Star restaurants, corresponding to the famous chefs Nacho Manzano (two stars) and José Antonio Campoviejo (one star).

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