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Territory (Montaña Central)
Contact Address
Plaza de la Constitución, 1. 33160 La Vega
985 766 006 / 985 766 180
    • The Angliru.
    • The Aramo Protected Landscape.
    • The mining village of Rioseco.
    • Riverside Trail from the Aramo tunnel to the village of Llamo/Ḷḷamo.
  • Via the AS-231

  • Population: 2,307 inhabitants

    Area: 46.49 km2

Rugged landscape, mountains, land and water, coal, copper and cobalt mines, the land of the "Olympus of Cycling" where the almighty Angliru rises up to the sky... That's Riosa.

The "Olympus of the Cycling". This is the land that gave birth to the all-powerful and feared Angliru, one of the toughest peaks, if not the toughest, of all the international cycling tours which has been the stage for unparalleled sporting feats that have put Riosa and Asturias on the world cycling map. But Riosa is not only the Angliru... it encompasses part of the Aramo Range, a rich and rugged terrain that makes it a great outdoors training camp, a mecca for all kinds of athletes, but especially cyclists.

Riosa bears in its entrails copper and cobalt reserves, which had been exploited since prehistoric times, and of course, it is one of the municipalities in central Asturias where coalfields are so fortunately found. The town of Rioseco constitutes a clear example of the borough's mining activities, where you can still see the old copper mines.

Mountains, mining, land and water... that's Riosa, where there's no shortage of riverside trails, such as the one that runs from the Aramo tunnel to the village of Llamo/Ḷḷamo.


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