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Santa Eulalia de Oscos
Territory (Oscos-Eo)
Contact Address
Ctra. General. 33776 Santa Eulalia de Oscos
985 621 261
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Ferrería de Mazonovo
Santa Eulalia de Oscos
A Seimeira
    • The Marquis of Sargadelos Birthplace Museum.
    • The Mazonovo Ethnographic Site.
    • Seimeira Waterfall.
    • The Forcón de los Ríos Route.
  • Via the AS-27 and the AS-362

  • Population: 528 inhabitants

    Area: 47.12 km2

Water and fire, iron- and steel-workers and blacksmiths, a world of hydraulic devices made manifest in the Mazonovo smithy, unique scenery and leafy forests traversed by trails like the Seimeira Waterfall and the Forcón de los Ríos routes, illustrious people like the Marquis de Sargadelos, slate roofs, a warm and friendly welcome around the hearth, and a place for traditional crafts... That's Santalla.

Water and fire, wet and verdant land, the elements of nature take shape in Santalla, as the locals like to call Santa Eulalia de Oscos, as do those who arrive here, welcomed as their own ... Santa Eulalia de Oscos, whose borough capital boasts the same name, is a place to openly enjoy Nature and local culture, which its people breathe like a heritage to be shared... a heritage they take pride in.

Santalla is a land of pioneers, and that is what the Marquis of Sargadelos was, a pioneer in iron and steel making and the pottery industry, a person whose figure and social sphere are on display at his Birthplace Museum. It is also a land of inventions, especially hydraulic ones, considering the local talent and abundance of water resources in the area. You can also get to touch these inventions in situ at the Mazonovo ethnographic site, where you will get an idea of the capacity to survive and inventiveness of the local people. They are true specialists in working the loom or in the art of knife-making, an art carried out thanks to their skills as "ferreiros" (smiths) ... and thus the circle of fire and water is closed ... Water, like that of the Seimeira waterfall, which forms part of a truly beautiful route, just like the Forcón de los Ríos route. Both transmit that sensation of the immense source of fire, light and colour that is Santalla, a veritable iron paradise that welcomes visitors to the borough capital with a sculpture - a four-metre-high nail - symbolizing this devotion to iron and traditional crafts. Nowadays, knife-making, pottery, jet-working, weaving and blacksmithing are activities that make this borough a true living laboratory of by-gone Asturias.

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Santa Eulalia de Oscos