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Yernes y Tameza
Territory (Camín Real de la Mesa)
Contact Address
Barrio La Plaza, 18. 33826 Villabre
985 972 663
    • Maravio Passes.
    • River Villabre.
    • Caldoveiro Peak.
    • Cuevallagar and its festival.
  • Via the AS-311

  • Population: 178 inhabitants

    Area: 31.63 km2

Camín Real de la Mesa (old Roman road to the central plateau), high altitude and great depressions, mountains and chasms, Caldoveiro and Cuevallagar. Yernes y Tameza, ideal for getting in touch with nature and adventure.

Located in the western central area of Asturias and flanked by the boroughs of Proaza, Grado and Teverga, Yernes y Tameza is characterized by its high altitude and steep slopes. It is a borough of peaks that coexist alongside chasms and depressions, a place where limestone and karst systems abound, along with outcrops of coal. It is precisely this landscape which makes it a suitable terrain for active tourism: hiking, biking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, caving, etc.

Yernes y Tameza forms around the River Villabre basin, one of the most important tributaries of the River Cubia. One of its greatest heights - ideal for mountaineering - is Caldoveiro Peak - which it shares with Teverga - and one of its most colourful festivals takes place in Cuevallagar in August. Due to bordering with both Grado and Teverga - the Maravio Passes -, the scenery is very beautiful, perfect for taking good pictures of typical Asturian scenery or practising any sport.

Yernes y Tameza forms part of the Camín Real de la Mesa, which, along with La Carisa was the road most used by the Roman legions and then by the Moors. The high altitude made the borough a land of passage, which today is sought out by adventurers and researchers.

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