Calabaza, zanahoria, yogur y cacao

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Malto choco

  • 100 gr. chocolate coating
  • 50 gr. butter
  • Malto

Yoghurt and honey

  • 240 gr. yoghurt
  • 55 gr. honey
  • 1,5 gr. salt

Carrot sponge cake

  • 250 gr. carrot
  • 200 gr. sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 120 gr. sunflower oil
  • Half a packet of Royal Royal

Pistachio malt

  • Green pistachio
  • Sunflower oil
  • Malto

Fig and mueslis liquid croquantier

  • 100 gr. Boiron fig puree
  • 200 g TPT
  • 30 gr. glucose
  • All-Bran and muesli

Pumpkin and mandarin ice cream

  • 400 g vanilla roasted pumpkin
  • 200 g mandarin juice
  • 50 g water
  • 25 gr. stabilisers
  • 50 gr. sugar
  • 60 g dextrose
  • 4 gr. pepper

Yoghurt sponge cake

  • 300 gr. egg whites
  • 60 gr. almond flour
  • 60 gr. yopol
  • 70 gr. sugar
  • 20 gr. flour

Malto choco: Mix the butter with the chocolate and melt in the microwave. Once melted, add the malto until the required texture is obtained.

Pistachio malto: With the pistachio and the oil, make a praline with the help of the thermomix, it should be a light paste without lumps. This paste will be mixed with malto to obtain the required texture.

Carrot cake: Roast the carrots with butter and cinnamon in a combi oven at 160ºc for about 20 minutes. Once they are tender, puree them in the thermomix. Add the rest of the ingredients to the puree and mix in the thermomix. Ferment for 30 minutes (short fermentation). Once fermented in the mixed oven at 160ºC, 80% humidity, leave for 30 to 35 minutes. Cool and cut into rectangles.

Yoghurt and honey: Mix together and set aside in a bottle.

Pumpkin and mandarin ice cream: Boil the water, stabiliser, sugar and dextrose and add the rest off the heat, leaving to stand for 24 hours in pacojet drums. Freeze and turbine.

Yoghurt cake: Blend everything in the thermomix and strain. Place in a siphon with 3 batches.
Liquid fig and mueslis croquantier: Reduce the fig puree quite a lot and once reduced add the TPT and glucose. Leave to cool and with the thermomix add the cereals, blending the whole mixture well. Bake at 150ºC for 12 minutes.