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Arenillas Blowholes
Llanes (Eastern Asturias)
  • The Arenillas Blowholes are situated in the borough of Llanes, on a stretch of coast of about 1200 m between Pozo Salmoria to the east and the mouth of the River Purón to the west, where you can find a dozen blowholes of different sizes.

The sound of sea and rocks in the Arenillas Blowholes Natural Monument.

On stormy days when the sea is rough, watching the seawater bursting through the rocks forming a jet of water several metres high is a natural spectacle hardly comparable to any other. The water passes through the rock due to the karst hole. The sound produced by the water coming out resembles a whistle or roar (bufido), hence the name (bufón).

These phenomena can be observed at various spots in Asturias, especially in the eastern part of the region, but you must always be extremely cautious in their vicinity, as the force of the sea can blast rocks of considerable size up into the air in addition to water and sand. The best time of year to enjoy blowholes is in autumn and winter, when the tides are stronger.

The Arenillas Blowholes are located near the village of La Pereda, where you are advised to leave you car and continue on foot.

Arenillas Blowholes