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The Lavandera Oak Tree
Gijón (Central Asturias)
Carbayón de Lavandera
  • The Lavandera Oak Tree is located in borough of Gijón, next to the Church of San Julián in the village of Tueya.

This Natural Monument is a large oak tree, symbol of the village.

This magnificent oak stands more than 20 metres tall with a trunk almost 7 metres in circumference. Its scars are a reminder of periods of abuse, during which nails were hammered into it, its branches were ripped off and there was even an attempt to burn it. Today it has become a symbol of the village.

The oak has always been closely linked to the lives and customs of Asturians. The hardness and strength of the wood made it well suited for use as railway sleepers, inhórreos (raised granaries-cum-storehouses) and for cider barrels and vats. It was also used as beams in houses, mansions and churches.

The Lavandera Oak Tree