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The Valentín Oak Tree
Tineo (Western Asturias)
  • The Valentín Oak Tree is located in the borough of Tineo, next to the Chapel of San Pedro in the village of Valentín.

An ancient oak tree declared a Natural Monument.

This specimen of Quercus robur is not very high at about 8 m, but it is noteworthy for the size of its trunk, which measures 10 metres in circumference. In addition to the circumference of its trunk, the antiquity of this oak is supported by historical data; according to the Asturian Encyclopedia, it has been cited in documents prior to the discovery of America..

These trees were very common in Asturias, but the vast majority were felled for the high quality and hardness of their wood, widely used for the construction of hórreos and paneras (raised granaries-cum-storehouses), and also as beams in the construction of churches and mansions.

The Valentín Oak Tree