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Huerta Cave
Teverga (Central Asturias)

Se ha habilitado una pasarela lo que la hace visitable. Visitas guiadas

  • Huerta Cave is located in the borough of Teverga, in Foz de Estrechura gorge, very close to Fresnedo.

The Huerta Cave Natural Monument is home to natural treasures.

Located in the borough of Teverga, Huerta Cave is currently the second largest cavern in Asturias in terms of the total extension of its galleries (14.5 kilometres). It forms part of a unique karst system, consisting of a gorge, sump, large cave, various underground watercourses and resurgence.

La Estrechura gorge or defile, which runs between Sierra de la Sobia and Peña Vigueras, is formed by carboniferous limestone. The cavern, which has a complex hydrological functioning, acts as a sump and underground channel for the River Sampedro.

The caves can be visited, though always under the supervision of a guide. Two types of visits can be made. One is the walkway visit, taking around 50 minutes and suitable for most people. The other, more complex visit comprises a tour of the watercourse, taking 2-3 hours depending on the number of people.

Huerta Cave