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Isle of Deva and Bayas Beach
Castrillón y Soto del Barco (Central Asturias)
  • Deva Isle and Bayas Beach are situated between the boroughs of Soto del Barco and Castrillón, between Moro Point and Socollo Point, at the mouth of the River Nalón.

A dune system and coastal island that is the destination of many birds form part of this Natural Monument.

Bayas Beach maintains one of the most representative dune systems in Asturias, and some flowering plants of great interest such as Medicago marina are to be found there.

Deva Isle is the largest of the coastal islets in the region and is of great interest both for its scenery and its biological importance, as it is an invaluable enclave for many birds.

Isle of Deva and Bayas Beach