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El Puertu (Leitariegos)
Cangas del Narcea
Área recreativa El Puertu Leitariegos
  • Take the AS-213 Cangas del Narcea-Villablino road and when you reach Leitariegos Pass ("El Puertu"), take the SL.AS-20 Cuetu d'Arbas hiking trail to Mount Valdecuélebre.
    • Panoramic views
    • Hiking
    • Drinking fountain
    • Area with tables
Situated in El Cuetu d'Arbas Partial Nature Reserve, in an alpine meadow on Mount Valdecuélebre.
Dotted with undergrowth, mainly broom, the area is in the immediate surroundings of Laguna d'Arbas Lake. The area offers views of Leitariegos Pass ("El Puertu") and Cuetu d'Arbas. It has a drinking fountain, stone tables and benches. You can get here by following the SL.AS-20 El Cuetu d'Arbas hiking trail which goes right up to the very top of Cuetu d'Arbas.
El Puertu (Leitariegos)