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The “Cuevona” of Cuevas del Agua
Ribadesella (Eastern Asturias)
  • This is found going towards Cuevas del Agua, a locality found 4.9 km from the town of Ribadesella/Ribeseya.

  • Access free

One of the few cavities which one can go through by road.

This natural cavity provides access to the village of Cuevas del Agua, from which it takes its name, being one of the few examples of caves which one can go through by car.

Magnificent calcareous formations can be appreciated along 300 winding metres, together with life linked to darkness, and to the adjacent stream. Stalactites, stalagmites or flowstones are some of the formations sometimes receiving names such as "La lengua del diablo" (the devil's tongue) or "Las barbas de Santiago" (The beard of Santiago) due to their beauty and singularity.

The "Cuevona" of Cuevas del Agua