El Cabril

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El Cabril
GPS: 43.06495875774618, -6.392317914472576

Genestoso - Valle los Corros - Las Tres Lagunas - Fanrrionda - Genestoso

Genestoso - Cabril 14

The route starts in the village of Genestoso (a village located at an altitude of 1,000 m and known for its excellent artisan cheese, with a strong flavour and made in esparto grass moulds), at the end of the road, next to the river that gives its name to the village. After crossing the river, the path climbs gently towards the Corros Valley, passing over the Carruexas meadows and next to the Pasadina spring. From the Corros Valley, where there is a small restored hut, it continues ascending towards the Tres Lagunas pass.

Before reaching the pass, a few metres along the route, you can see the only permanent lake in the area, located to the right of the path, under some rocks. Continuing the ascent, the three lakes that give their name to the pass come into view, occupying a gentle plain.

Continuing in a northerly direction, you reach Entrecuetos, the point that separates the peaks of El Cabril and Peña Treisa. The summit of El Cabril is just 600 m. and from here you can see the Galician and Asturian coasts, with the grandeur of the Pigüeña Valley and its villages and "brañas", especially La Pornacal, standing out. On the way back to the route, you can shorten the route by taking the turn-off at Fanarrionda along the Polvorosa path, a pass that connected Genestoso with Villar de Vildas through a leafy birch forest. It is a short, steep descent.

The recommended route is to continue along the Camino Real as far as the El Llano turnoff, returning to Genestoso via the Gobia. This path offers impressive views over the Genestoso valley and used to connect the Cerezal valley (Somiedo) with the Acebo valley (Cangas del Narcea).

Time limitation: According to Decree 10/2015 the route can only take place from 16/06 to 15/08 and 01/10 to 30/11.