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This route begins in Les Bedules, which you can get to by car from San Juan de Beleño, heading towards Viego

Fox Peak
GPS: 43.14817327384005, -5.148780674451566

Les Belules - Pico Zorro

Les Bedules - Zorro Peak 7

We start this route in Les Bedules (Ponga) where we arrive by car from San Xuan/San Juan de Beleño in the direction of Viegu.

From this area you can contemplate mountains such as Tiatordos, Recuencu, Peña Sueves...

We start the route along a path that leads to an area called Los Biforcos and which borders Prau Toru in the direction of Les Foyaques until we finally reach Les Llampes (1,300 metres) where there are some ruined huts. The path continues through a sheepfold in the direction of Recuencu peak.

We cross a forest along a well-marked path until we reach the Pomerín pass (1,512 metres) with good views. From here you can see the summits of two peaks, Luengo and Zorro.
Once again another beech forest that we cross to enter the Antiguo valley, from here we ascend towards the Sus pass, passing through the "majada de las Fuentes", where we can get water and now we only have to follow the ridge to the summit of Zorro.

The view from this peak takes in a large part of the Cantabrian mountain range, Picos de Europa, the valleys of Ponga with its magnificent forests, as well as the mountains of León.

The return will be by the same route.