Mount Camba Trail

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Mount Camba
GPS: 43.2636838464293, -4.776221647747859

Tielve - Collau la Puerta - Majada de Tobaos mountain meadow - Campo

Tielve - Tielve 13

Access is via the AS-114 towards Cangas de Onís-Arenas de Cabrales (Las Arenas). Once in the town centre, turn off onto the AS-264 towards Poncebos and then join the CA-1 until you reach Tielve, where the route begins.

A circular route of medium difficulty through the beautiful landscapes of the council of Cabrales.

The route starts in Tielve (Cabrales), ascending the track used by the locals to reach the sheepfolds where the cattle graze. The start is hard, as it is a tough climb up to Collau La Puerta in Valfrío (998 m.). In an hour we reach the Valfrío sheepfold and from here on we will enjoy spectacular views of the central massif and of course the Urriellu Peak (Naranjo de Bulnes), which is why it is recommended to do this route on a clear day, as if it is cloudy it loses a lot of interest. At the end of the sheepfold the path turns to the right, and here it deviates from the Senda de Caoro, we continue along the track and arrive at the sheepfold of Tobaos.

At the Tobaos hut we have a spectacular view of Picu Urriellu and Peña Castil.

We continue along the track until we reach a path that leads to a small stream, and continue bordering the Campo de Cimbraña. Further on we find the Cimbraña stream, cross it and continue to the right. The path begins to pass through a small valley with small hazelnut woods.

We keep going until the valley narrows and we can see the spectacular beech forest of Monte de Camba and to our left Mount Cárobo. We continue along a flat stretch and after crossing the Llanu El Fresnu, we approach the Cuetón de Arriba, a large limestone block. On the left we will see the Carabu cave, where Cabrales cheese used to be matured, nowadays it is walled up by a door. On the right there is a path (not recommended) leading to La Caballar.

We will find the huts next to the road. From here we can contemplate spectacular views of the Moñetas, Peña Castil and Peña Vieja of the Central Massif of the Picos de Europa.

We cross the access road to Tresviso and take the track closest to the road, which will take us to Sotres. There we continue towards the church where we follow the old path that used to lead to Tielve, also known as the Senda de Indias.

We continue along this path that descends until it joins the road, and continue for about two kilometres until we reach Tielve again, where the route ends.

PR-AS 229 / PR-PNPE 20