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Birdwatch Asturias
Cangas de Onís (Oriente de Asturias)
Contact Address
  • Celoriu, 6. 33589. Celoriu
618 357 342 / 644 461 546
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Information provided by TA Birdwatch Asturias.
Establishment registered with the Principality of Asturias Registry of Tourist Activities with DGT code TA231.
Approximate rates.
Activities Rates
Birdwatching + 20 €
Observation of birds in Eaestern Asturias, from initiation level to serch for a particular species. Birdwatching in Eastern Asturias, in Picos de Europa National Park and Ponga Natural Park

In Birdwatch Asturias we are dedicated to birds observation either at the coast, into the forest or in the mountains, depending on the time of the year. You will enjoy the birds from Asturias ina different way.

Everything you need for sighting we provide you: binoculars, terrestrial telescope and bird guides.
We have two kinds of activity: first one is an ornithological walk, around 2 hours long. We meet at a certain point, depending on the itinerary.
Second one is a route by car. In this case, we might meet in Cangas de Onís or we can pick you up and drive you to some observation locations. That way, we increase the likelihood of spotting different species as well as more number of  birds.

These route may be 4 hours or 7 hours long. During the 7 hours route we give you a picnic for lunch. 

Birdwatch Asturias