It is in our genes and we are veterans in all aspects related to active tourism. Sports tourism always carried out with the help of excellent professionals and with all the necessary safety measures and modern equipment required to carry out the activities, such as, rock climbing, caving or descending dry ravines.


In Asturias you will find activities that best define your spirit of adventure.


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  • In Asturias you will find climbing routes for all levels, but do you dare tackle any that climb the walls of the Picu Urriellu, the summit where the history of rock climbing began in Spain?
  • The Council of Quirós awaits your visit, with more than 20 sectors and 300 climbing routes!
  • Why not explore one of the caves or chasms, to discover that Asturias is beautiful inside... and out.
  • Pure adrenalin? Try one of our bungee jumps.

Caving in the Pozo del Fresno (Mazucu - Llanes)

Caving in the Pozo del Fresno (Mazucu - Llanes).
Picu Urriellu, the birth of rock climbing

When Pedro Pidal, Marquis of Villaviciosa and Gregorio Pérez, known as "el Cainejo", left their mark on the summit of the Naranjo de Bulnes (2,519 m) on 5 august 1904, they not only set foot on the most vertical and beautiful intact peak of our limestone mountains, but also marked a before and after in the history of rock climbing in Spain. You only have to stand before the walls of the "Picu", in the central mountain range of the Picos de Europa, to understand why it was considered inaccessible until the two climbers dared to climb its walls that not even the chamois dared to tackle.  

Picu Urriellu

Picu Urriellu (Bulnes - Cabrales).

But don't worry, if you are not a consummate adventurer, you have the best chance to be one, since we offer various levels of difficulty for carrying out these and other activities in the best surroundings possible.

On the vertical grey walls of the famous Picu Urriellu or Naranjo de Bulnes (Picos de Europa), "El Picu" as we like to call it, the first lines of the history of rock climbing in Spain were written.


To begin, before climbing the mountain, why not try out one of the many rock climbing schools located across the Asturian region.


Traditional, sport or boulder climbing... from the Picos de Europa themselves to other famous climbing areas such as Teverga or Quirós, with routes that will seduce even absolute beginners or captivate the most demanding climbers.

Routes with the use of ropes (Vía Ferrata) in Ponga

Routes with the use of ropes (Vía Ferrata) in Ponga.

Most iconic places to practice this sport are in the eastern region of Asturias, thanks to its chalky substrates and the development of karst, but other places such as the Cueva Huerta (Teverga), one of the largest cavities in Asturias, or the Cueva Peñona de Valdemora (Pravia), are also true subterranean delights – in this case in the central region of Asturias - for discovering caving tourism or more advanced caving. Stalactites, stalagmites, cat holes, chambers, galleries, subterranean rivers... A long list of extraordinarily large caves and chasms that are hard to choose from.

Tibetan Bridge (Parres)

Tibetan Bridge (Parres).

Don't leave your helmet behind because, once you reach the surface again, you can discover our routes using ropes or via ferratas in areas such as Puente Vidosa, in the heart of the Desfiladero de los Beyos (Beyos Groge) in Ponga, bordering with the Picos de Europa, or Peñamellera Baja, and if you like speed, why not try land yachting? You will be impressed!

Climbing on ice. Peñasanta de Enol (Cangas de Onís)

Climbing on ice. Peñasanta de Enol (Cangas de Onís).

Also using a harness and helmet, but this time underground, you can explore the depths of the mountains and reach the heart of our region, decorated with stalactites and stalagmites.


If you enjoy an adrenalin rush, why not try bungee jumping from a bridge or a crane? There are not many activities that will give you an adrenalin rush like this.

Therefore, when it comes to really making the most of your spirit of adventure, what better way to do so than with the professionals and enchanting landscapes of Asturias.

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  • Rock climbing and its various forms (on rock and on ice).
  • Caving.
  • Bungee jumping from bridges and cranes.
  • Zip-line / Tibetan Bridge.
  • Land yachting.
  • Routes with the use of ropes (Vía Ferrata).

Caving in the Cave of Pando (Ribadesella)

Caving in the Cave of Pando (Ribadesella).
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