Feast of the Santo Cristo del Amparo in Llanes

Feast of the Santo Cristo del Amparo in Llanes

Nueva de Llanes hosts the feast of the Santo Cristo del Amparo, whose Big Day begins in the early hours of the morning with masses every hour.

At 12:00 h, a new parade goes through the town in search of the music band that will accompany the procession, which waits outside. After the high mass, the procession begins, and at its end, the dance of Christ is performed in the feast day dance hall. In the afternoon, a new dance is performed in the neighbourhood: the Dance of the Married Couples, followed by new parades and dances that give way to the verbena, which ends with the typical sopas de ajo (garlic soup).

On the eve, parades accompanied by a bagpipe band go through the village of Nueva in Llanes with a tree about 35 m. high that is planted next to the chapel of the Saint. This is an ancestral rite associated with fertility and is unique to the festivities in the east of Asturias.

This event has been declared a Festival of Tourist Interest of the Principality of Asturias.

Once it has been planted, the traditional dances begin in the festival area, which will give way to the verbena.

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