Stage 4

Stage 4: Gijón/Xixón - Villaviciosa

Cabo Torres, in Gijón/Xixón, our departure point, has played a strategic role by illuminating not only sailors but also war ships, travellers and merchandise since time immemorial. The construction of El Musel port and the demolition of the old Santa Catalina watchtower inspired the erection of this construction, inaugurated in 1924, in a unique spot. Inside, we will find a museum space with the history of Gijón bay and outside, a graphic lookout with the sea birds of the area. This peninsula offers us the remains of the Pre-Roman fort of Asturian origin of Campa Torres, known as Noega. We will visit Campa Torres Archaeological-Natural Park and we will discover the origins of this city linked to the sea.

Map of the route
Campa Torres Archaeological-Natural Park (Gijón/Xixón)Campa Torres Archaeological-Natural Park (Gijón/Xixón).
This large city bathed by the Cantabrian, one of the main metropolises of Asturias, offers us a plethora of possibilities, therefore it is worth, if you can, dedicating more than one day of tourism to it. We will wander through the fishermen neighbourhood of Cimavilla to taste the sea flavour of the streets. It is perched on the Santa Catalina hills, crowned by the sculpture of "El Elogio del Horizonte", by Eduardo Chillida. At its feet we will find the old fish market, turned into an exhibition hall, offices and a restaurant; the marina and the beaches of Poniente and L'Arbeyal.

El Elogio del Horizonte (Gijón/Xixón)El Elogio del Horizonte (Gijón/Xixón).
On the other side, the imposing gothic San Pedro church, the museum with Roman spas practically in its underground and San Lorenzo beach, with an obligatory stop at La Escalerona, one of the most emblematic entrances of the sandbank. Don't forget to visit the Birthplace Museum of one of its "favourite sons", the illustrious Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos and the Lavadero, traditionally a meeting point of fishermen and net menders and today turned into one of the places with the most atmosphere in the city. If your stay allows it, visit the Aquarium. Don't miss the opportunity of having a cider and tasting traditional Asturian seafood cooking either.

San Pedro church and San Lorenzo beach (Gijón/Xixón)San Pedro church and San Lorenzo beach (Gijón/Xixón).
España beach (Villaviciosa)España beach (Villaviciosa).
The route continues along the coast, in parallel to the beaches of La Ñora and España, until we reach Tazones, with one of the bestpreserved lighthouses in Asturias. It has been in operation on El Olivo Point since 1864 in a large landscaped area with beautiful views. Its shape is octagonal, with a spiral staircase inside which the lighthouse keeper used to climb to access the lantern that illuminated the Cantabrian.

Tazones lighthouse (Villaviciosa)Tazones lighthouse (Villaviciosa).
Tazones (Villaviciosa)Tazones (Villaviciosa).
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