Stage 6

Stage 6: Llanes - Tina Mayor

It is almost essential to make a stop at the beautiful beaches of Guadamía, Gulpiyuri, Torimbia and Po before arriving at Llanes, a tourist town par excellence of Eastern Asturias. We recommend a journey along the San Pedro Walk to observe from this natural lookout of this fishing village of medieval origin, El Sablón Beach and the summits of the Cuera Mountain range. The fishing port and marina are other attractions of this town in which Agustín Ibarrola has left as a legacy the popular "Memory Cubes".

Map of the route
Torimbia Beach (Llanes)Torimbia Beach (Llanes).
The stronghold from where enemy boats were cannoned until the 20th century and the old quarter will also attract your attention. At the end of the San Antón Walk, we will find the lighthouse, built in 1860. Its tower survived the fire of 1946 and it is the original in this octagonal construction on top of the cliffs.

After enjoying its famous gastronomy, we continue the route to observe the natural spectacle of the blowholes. In Asturias, there are three points of reference: Pría, Arenillas and Santiuste, turned into open chimneys in the rock of the cliffs where the water spray comes out. This curious phenomenon will not leave you indifferent!

Santiuste blowhole (Llanes)Santiuste blowhole (Llanes).
Pimiango coast (Ribadedeva)Pimiango coast (Ribadedeva).
We advance along the road parallel to the coast, declared a Protected Landscape of the Eastern Coast, and we say goodbye at the San Emeterio lighthouse. Built on the edge of the cliff in 1852, it is the most Eastern of Asturias being located in Pimiango, in the Tina Mayor estuary. It also stands out due to its distance from inhabited places. It is practically hidden in a holm oak forest close to the Pindal cave, with cave paintings from the Magdalenese and the remains of the Romanesque monastery of Santa María de Tina. In Tina Mayor, the estuary that marks the border of Asturias with Cantabria, you will find the perfect spot for deepening your knowledge about plant and sea species at the birdwatching interpretation centre.

San Emeterio lighthouse (Ribadedeva)San Emeterio lighthouse (Ribadedeva).
Remains of the monastery of Santa María de Tina (Ribadedeva)Remains of the monastery of Santa María de Tina (Ribadedeva).
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