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Pendía Hill Fort
Boal (Western Asturias)

Accessed from Boal, taking the AS-12 road to Coaña and then the turning to Pendía. A country lane leads to the hill fort.
For guided visits, consult the timetable at Boal Tourist Office.

Pendía Hill Fort comprises an acropolis and a settlement separated by a wall.

The hill fort is one of the most important in Asturias, the remains of which are located alongside the meanders of the River Pendía.

It is a fine example of a fortified settlement in which its strategic position prevailed over any other criteria, as the fortification seems disproportionate with respect to the enclosure it protected. The settlement comprised two distinct spaces, the acropolis and the settlement itself, separated by a wall surmounted by a tower on the highest point which overlooked the entire site. There used to be a single, elongated building in the lower area, while the classic circular constructions can be observed in the other area, in addition to another two rectangular constructions, at least one of which is closed by means of a corbelled dome.

Recent archaeological research seems to relate them to the interest shown by the Romans in mining gold deposits in western Asturias.

Pendía Hill Fort