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Mount Areo Megalithic Necropolis-Burial Mounds
Carreño (Central Asturias)

From Gijon, take the AS-19 heading to Avilés until you come to Aboño. Once there, take the CE-6 to El Valle. A steep asphalted track to the right leads to the upper platform of Mount Areo, where the megalithic site is located.

This megalithic site is one of the main concentrations of burial mounds in the coastal area of Asturias.

Mount Areo is the main geographical feature in the region of Cape Peñas. It is a small mountain that rises up west of Gijón. It has an elevation of less than 300 metres.

Although the burial mounds on Mount Areo were detected in the 19th century, it was not possible to assess the importance of this archaeological site until 1990, when an archaeological survey located over 30 mounds. These are distributed over two sectors: Los Llanos and Les Huelgues de San Pablo. Three burial mounds and two structures difficult to interpret have been studied.

The mounds are made up of alternating layers of earth and stone. There are also two square burial chambers, a trapezoidal dolmen and a short corridor with only one section. The last structure has special meaning, as corridor dolmens are uncommon in the coastal area of northern Spain.

Mount Areo Megalithic Necropolis-Burial Mounds