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La Xorenga Petroglyphs
Grandas de Salime (Western Asturias)
The meaning of these outlines is unknown.

La Xorenga Rock Art Station comprises the most extensive set of engravings located in Asturias. It consists of a collection of bowl-shaped hollows and anthropomorphic figures engraved in a series of intermittent outcrops of slate, the various groupings of petroglyphs being distributed over approximately 500 metres.

Three sets of engravings located on the same number of outcrops basically make up the complete collection.

Set 1. Located at the crossroads of the path from Gestoselo to Llandecarballo with the path from Padraira. At least fifty-three bowl-shaped hollows, several grooves and three anthropomorphic figures have been identified on this outcropping.

Set 2. Located at the beginning of the path to Llandecarballo branching off from the Nogueirou track. More than fifty bowl-shaped hollows have been identified distributed all over the surface, linked in many cases by numerous grooves. Also worth highlighting is the presence of four anthropomorphic figures, three of which are very well preserved, the other being more difficult to identify.

Set 3. A set of at least forty bowl-shaped hollows, grooves and an anthropomorphic figure are distributed over the rock.

La Xorenga Petroglyphs