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Territory (Montaña Central)
Contact Address
Avda Monsacro, 17. 33162 Santa Eulalia de Morcín
985 783 162 / 985 783 178
    • Exemplary Town of Foz and its Afuega'l Pitu Cheese Festival.
    • Montsacro Chapels.
    • The Aramo Range.
    • Peñerudes Medieval Tower and Los Alfilorios Reservoir.
  • Via the N-630

  • Population: 2,866 inhabitants

    Area: 50.05 km2

Religious relics and the history of Montsacro, unique scenery for hiking and cycling, Afuega'l Pitu cheese and open, hospitable people, plus the beauty of Los Alfilorios Reservoir. That's Morcín.

Morcín keeps its secrets very well hidden... as evidenced by its turbulent and fascinating history. Christian relicshave rested on its mighty and beautiful "sacred mount", Montsacro, well guarded by its inhabitants, who today continue to be an Exemplary People, as demonstrated by the Exemplary Town Award bestowed on Foz by the Prince of Asturias Foundation. Its natural beauty and history, ever under the influence of the mighty Aramo Range, make Morcín an ideal land for hiking, cycling, industrial, cultural and culinary tourism.

Secluded and intimate are the Montsacro chapels, imposing is Peñerudes Medieval Tower and its setting, impressive and very tasty is its Afuelga'l Pitu Sour-milk Cheese Festival, a unique culinary event, which has put Morcín on the European cheese-making map for these exquisitely made cheeses, while no less interesting is the natural setting of Los Alfilorios Reservoir. There is everything in Morcín, especially the local people, a very open and hospitable people, always ready to be of service to strangers... and to be guardians of the most ancestral traditions.

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