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Territory (Comarca de la Sidra)
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Vega. 33518 Sariego
985 748 003
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Further information:

    • Romanesque Church of Santa María de Narzana.
    • The Place Name Trail.
    • San Pedrín chapel and cave.
    • The hiking trail "near the sky".
  • Via the A-64 dual carriageway and the AS-267

  • Population: 1,331 inhabitants

    Area: 25.73 km2

Trails and lanes, a valley surrounded by rolling mountains, a whole gamut of greens and crops, good home-made cider, the Way of St James... and everything under the domain of the La Llomba Range and its burial mound, and the mighty Fario Peak... That's the Exemplary Town of Sariego.

A friendly territory in which centuries of history have left their mark. Thousands of pilgrims have trod the legendary Way of St James, enjoying the hospitality of the people of this borough, "sareganos", on their way to Compostela, and marvelling on their journey through this land at the beautiful scenery of a fertile valley dotted with apple orchards, picturesque villages and small rural churches and chapels, some Romanesque in origin.

The borough of Sariego - whose capital is Vega - is a land of traditions, one of the most important of which is the festivity of "San Pedrín", a listed tourist interest festivity, where you can enjoy the popular Mass in Asturian under the shelter of a cave. It is no coincidence that other traditions are very present, such as corn-husking and pressing of homemade cider or that there is a toponymic trail linking up the different villages and hamlets of the municipality, where some explanatory panels refer to the origin of these places and their history.

Few know that the source of the River Nora is to be found here in Valvidares, one of the most important tributaries of the River Nalón, and few know that from the bowels of this land springs salt water that you can drink at the "Pozu Salau Spring" ... That's Sariego, one of the jewels of the Cider Shire.

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