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Territory (Valle del Nalón)
Contact Address
La Plaza, 1. 33993 Rusecu/Rioseco
985 609 211
Further information:

    • Soto and the River Alba Route.
    • Campiellos accessible pathway.
    • Rusecu/Rioseco Reservoir and the Torrexón de Villamoréi.
    • Xamoca Peak Route and the Roman Road Route.
  • Via the AS-117

  • Population: 873 inhabitants

    Area: 69.43 km2

Water and mountains, rivers and valleys, hunting and scenery, the realm of grouse and the source of the River Nalón, Sobrescobio is a true paradise for those who practise "sustainable" sports as well as for gourmet lovers of traditional cuisine.

Sobrescobio is ideal for those who enjoy "sustainable" sports, including those who love hiking, those who prefer cycling or horse riding, and those who love hunting... There are many routes for tourists to follow in this mountainous territory, including the Alba Route - starting in Soto - the La Xamoca Peak Route and the Roman Road Route. There are also lots of charming spots like Torrexón de Villamoréi, Rusecu/Rioseco reservoir and the accessible Campiellos Path.

Under the watchful eye of Retriñón Peak, rising to an elevation of over 1,800 m, the village that won the Exemplary Town Award in 2009 continues to evolve on a daily basis right in the heart of nature, the very same nature that has led all this farmstead-bespeckled territory to be included within Redes Nature Park, making it a Biosphere Reserve. With the borough capital in Rusecu/Rioseco, Sobrescobio is welcoming, environmentally sustainable and a reference for gourmet lovers of traditional food.


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