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Territory (Oscos-Eo)
Contact Address
Plaza del Ayuntamiento. 33770 A Veiga/Vegadeo
985 634 022 / 985 476 045
    • Meredo or Suarón water-driven forge hammer.
    • Paramios Cross in Monticelo.
    • Route of the Twelve Bridges.
    • Mansions Route.
  • Via the N-640, AS- 11, AS-21 and AS-22

  • Population: 4,131 inhabitants

    Area: 82.75 km2

Water and riverbanks, forge hammers and mansions, bridges and rivers, market gardens and farmhouses, the coastal branch of the Way of St James. That's Vegadeo, a borderland, with riverside paths, suitable for hiking, with a dynamic, commercial borough capital.

Among bridges and mansions, rivers and water-driven forge hammers, market gardens and farmsteads, the Way of St James and the influence of the Eo River... that is how life passes in Vegadeo, a borough bordering on Galicia that has been and continues to be the gateway for pilgrims taking the coastal road to the shrine of St James in Compostela. The sway of this pilgrimage route has left its mark on this territory, an example of which is Paramios Cross, in Monticelo, the typical roadside cross that served as a stopping point for pilgrims to pray. As a result of the different tributaries that flow into the Eo, Vegadeo is a land with a deep-rooted culture of water and hydraulic devices. So, one of the most recommended visits is to the Meredo or Suarón water-driven forge hammer, which also has a recreational area.

Vegadeo also has a noteworthy civil architectural heritage, particularly a number of mansion complexes and noble houses, such as Lastra House in Vixande. The value of this architectural heritage is such that there is a Mansions Route as well as another called the Route of the Twelve Bridges, offering a walk linking up the various bridges and surrounding places around the River Suarón and the River Monjardín. The fact of being a frontier land made this territory a place for smuggling, a fact of life that is recalled on the Black Market Route, without forgetting its riverside status, which is clearly seen on the River Eo Path . The capital, which bears the same name as the borough, is a lively town with plenty of shops and country fairs.

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