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Villanueva de Oscos
Territory (Oscos-Eo)
Contact Address
Plaza del Ayuntamiento. 33777 Vilanova
985 626 084 / 985 626 124
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    • The Santa María Monastic Site in Villanueva de Oscos.
    • Bread Ecomuseum
    • Gold, iron, copper, lead and zinc mines.
    • Hiking and geocaching.
  • Via the AS-11

  • Population: 404 inhabitants

    Area: 72.98 km2

A paradise for hiking and 'geocaching', Villanueva de Oscos exemplifies the "bare architecture" of western Asturias and allows us to enjoy a visit to the Bread Ecomuseum, the Santa María Monastic Site in the borough capital, and its many mining trails.

Like its two local companions, the municipality of Villanueva de Oscos has the feel of a true haven of peace where travellers can enjoy nature in a friendly and tremendously placid form which is an invitation to go walking or cycling, always, of course, with respect for the environment. Such is the case that the borough has set up numerous hiking and geocaching trails, as well as providing a network of tourist services where you can enjoy the typical atmosphere of western Asturias and the essences of its traditional cuisine.

The basis of this cuisine is homemade organic bread-making, an experience that you can enjoy when visiting the Bread Ecomuseum, not only on account of the guide's explanations, but also because you may have the chance to participate in a bread-making workshop. Throughout the area you can photograph the typical architecture of the area, which architect Félix Gordillo dubbed as "bare architecture", the distinctiveness of which is based on stone, black slate, wood and glass. Talking about architecture, do not leave Villanueva without paying a visit to the Santa María Monastic Site, located in the quiet municipal capital. Like others in western Asturias, this territory was a gold reserves of the Roman Empire and retains the traces of those mines, as well as of other iron , copper, lead and zinc mines.

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