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Water Route
GPS: 43.35769657352341, -7.106400332572132

Taramundi - Taramundi 9,77

We start the route in the town of Taramundi, capital of the council of the same name, and head south towards the Museo de los Molinos. 600 metres after starting the route, we reach the Museo de los Molinos; we continue along the road, leaving the museum on the left and heading southeast.

When we have walked about 800 metres, we leave the road and take the path to the right, continuing our ascent up the hillside for 1.60 kilometres.

At kilometre 2.44 km, we take the path on the right until we reach the Salgueira River waterfall, some 400 metres away, and retrace our steps. A kilometre further on, we can see, on the left hand side, a washing place, and a few metres further on, kilometre 3.7, we reach a picturesque little village called Os Esquíos. From here the circular route begins.

At the exit of the village there is a fork, where we take the path on the right, and at approximately kilometre 6 we reach the village of As Veigas.

Here we have two options: either go south-west to see a church further on in a small circular route of barely one kilometre that will take us back to the village, or cross the village and take a path that runs parallel to the left side of the road that leaves As Veigas and walk along the hillside, always below the road, for 2.65 kilometres until we reach the village of Os Teixóis.

We will have walked about 8.7 kilometres from the beginning of the route when we reach the village of Os Teixóis. Here we again have two options: we can return along a path that goes off in a north-westerly direction and which we will follow for 1,100 metres until we reach Os Esquíos again and from there go down to Taramundi via the road we came up (2.87 kilometres), or we can follow the road that will take us directly to Taramundi, which is the starting and finishing point of our route (3.5 kilometres).