Ruta Foz de la Escalada al Tiatordos

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Foz de la Escalada - Tiatordos Route
GPS: 43.19225347376744, -5.220138544919551

Tarañes - Foz de Escalada - Mayau Entregue - Tiatordos - Brañadosu - Tarañes

Tarañes - Tarañes 17

A circular route around Pico Tiatordos (1951 m) starting at an altitude of 571 m. In the first 3 km we cross a steep slope through the Foz de la Escalada and the beech forest of La Bufona.

Once we have passed this climb, mountain pastures dotted with meadows open up before us, where we find the Mayada de Entregüé with its huts and the Cascayu Fountain, an ideal place to take a break.

From there the route continues southeast towards the base of Tiatordos where it meets the PR65, a signposted path that ascends from Pendones (Redes National Park).

From this point it is possible to reach the summit of Tiatordos by any of the existing paths, but if we continue around the mountain we will begin the descent along the southern slope, with views of the Cordal de Ponga and Peña Maciédome.

We will soon come across the Xerús and Brañadosu springs, not forgetting the impressive limestone spire known as Fuso la Muyer. Crossing the Medio Monte beech forest, and once we have passed the Forada pass, we will have a view of the east face to enjoy the breathtaking Tiatordos Cup.

From here the path becomes a forest track that, through chestnut woods and the occasional meadow, takes us to the villages of Abiegos and Tanda, as well as the listed Roman fort of El Castiellu, and ends the route in the village of Tarañes.


Route along path and forest track

Recommended season: Spring to Autumn (avoiding snowy periods).

Difficulty: High (great length, steep gradient, uneven terrain and physical demands)