Asturias is a destination more than suitable to enjoy in "single mode", because you will have a feeling of tranquillity, security and complete freedom in a healthy environment, and with the character of the Asturian people you will feel at home.


The St. James's Way through Asturias

There are many possibilities, and without a doubt, one of the most suggestive is the Camino de Santiago. An unforgettable experience and an ideal opportunity to socialise.
The Camino de Santiago in Asturias offers interesting options to make the most of this route. Here are some suggestions and tips to make your Camino unforgettable.
Oviedo/Uviéu, la capital de Asturias, es la cuna del Camino de Santiago. El Camino Primitivo, trazado por el rey Alfonso II, te ofrece estampas increíbles, herederas de una utopía que tiene más de...

Getting to know the cities of Asturias

Plan the perfect getaway to one of the cities either on your own, or by joining guided tours and routes and enjoying its varied leisure agenda.