From the gentle paths of the Vías Verdes to the routes that will get the most out of mountain bikes and test your legs to their limit on the prestigious tough mountain ramps, the map of Asturias offers routes and possibilities for all preferences and levels.

Mountain biking in the Ruta de las Minas (Vegadeo)Mountain biking in the Ruta de las Minas (Vegadeo).

Mountain biking is one of the best ways to enjoy sports while getting the most out of nature, particularly in an area that seems to have been designed to be explored on a bike.

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  • The Senda del Oso (Bear's Path), a Vía Verde that can easily be enjoyed by the youngest members of the family.
  • The incredible Anillo Ciclista (the Green Cycling Ring) around the Central Mountain of Asturias.
  • Relive some of the most famous cycling stages on your mountain bike, such as the Angliru ascent on the Central Mountain of Asturias, or the Covadonga Lakes, in the Picos de Europa.

Anillo Ciclista de la Montaña Central (Cycling Ring of the Central Mountain)

This route combines nature and mountain biking in an official perimeter route (GR-208), covering 165 kilometres through the councils of Aller, Lena, Mieres, Morcín, Ribera de Arriba and Riosa. A beautiful route designed to be covered in 8 stages, cutting through the majestic landscapes of the Central Mountain of Asturias. The famous and now mythical mountain road of Angliru, is a fine example of the treats that await cyclists on this Anillo Ciclista (Cycling Ring). (

Cycling Ring of the Central MountainCycling Ring of the Central Mountain.
Our prestigious mountain landscape grabs the attention each year of cycling enthusiasts from around the world during the Asturian stages of the Vuelta Ciclista España, the Cycling Tour of Spain, with landmarks such as: Alto del Angliru, Lagos de Covadonga, Puertos de Marabio, Alto de la Farrapona or the Puerto de San Lorenzo. The very names conjure up images of cycling.

Apart from the Long-Distance Paths, which can be enjoyed on mountain bikes, such as the Way of St. James (Way of the North and the Original Way of St. James), or a large section of the coastal path, Senda Costera, we also have other Long-Distance routes that are ideal to be explored on bikes.

These include the Anillo Ciclista of the Central Mountain of Asturias, a gruelling circular route that covers natural areas such as the Aramo mountains, the Nature Reserve of Las Ubiñas-La Mesa, the Vía Carisa, or the Protected Landscape of the Cuencas Mineras.
Cycle tourism in Lagos de CovadongaCycle tourism in Lagos de Covadonga.
Lagos de Saliencia (Somiedo)Lagos de Saliencia (Somiedo).
Mountain bikes are the ideal way to discover our nature, history, gastronomy, villages, traditions... in a relaxed manner, or by tackling demanding gradients and steep descents, crowning mountain passes and hills that have been strategic passes throughout history, listening to the silence of our forests, accessing scenic viewpoints that are truly natural balconies, etc. Pleasures and sensations only reserved for those that choose to pedal their way to Paradise.

Mountain bike trails
The Original Way of St. JamesThe Original Way of St. James.
Cycling contests

Spain's cycling tourSpain's cycling tour.
Spain's cycling tour of Spain, the Vuelta Ciclista a España, is without doubt the most international cycling event in Spain, which Asturias has been contributing to by providing an unparalleled terrain for many of the stages that have historically been held in our region.

The Lagos de Covadonga Classic, which is over 25 years old, is one of the most prominent cycle tourism routes in Spain in each edition, more than 3,000 participants cover distances of 110 kilometres across the landscapes of the Picos de Europa.

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Senda del Oso - Desfiladero de Peñas Juntas (Proaza)Senda del Oso - gorge of Peñas Juntas (Proaza).
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