The various river basins of Asturias, with rivers such as the Cares, the Deva, the Sella, the Nalón, the Narcea, the Navia and the Eo, together with other smaller courses and countless streams, form the perfect combination if you are looking for activities with a liquid element to form part of your adventure and to do so under the professionalism and experience of a leading region recognised globally as an "aquatic" destination since the start of active tourism.

Descending canyons

Descending canyons.

That is what you will feel like when enjoying any of the water activities available in Asturias. From white waters to gentle river descents, Asturias offers a whole host of options with freshwater as the protagonist.


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  • The descent of the Sella, the most famous 14 kilometres of river on the European continent in a simple descent in a kayak, ideal for the whole family to enjoy. The neighbouring Cares and Deva are not as famous, but equally beautiful.
  • Descend one of the most emblematic ravines such as the Vallegón, the Carangas, the Vivoli, the Molina, the Rubó, etc.
  • Rivers such as the Eo, the Navia, the Nalón, the Polea, the Quirós, the Trubia, the Narcea… are waiting for you to discover some of the marvels of western Asturias in a canoe.

Descending the Sella river in a Canoe

Descending the Sella river in a Canoe.
Kayaking in Asturias

Kayaking is without doubt one of the leading active tourism activities in Asturias, recognised worldwide, and the International Descent of the Sella River is our trademark. This river descent between Les Arriondes/Arriondas and Ribadesella/Ribeseya is the Kayaking Festival declared of International Tourism Interest in 1980 and it is held on the first Saturday of August (after the 2nd). It began in 1930 and became an international event in 1951, going on to form an essential international event attracting the best kayakers from around the world. You can also descend this section any time of the year, thanks to the expert local companies that organise the activity.

International Descent of the Sella River (Les Arriondes/Arriondas)

International Descent of the Sella River (Les Arriondes/Arriondas).

The Asturian rivers have a common feature, which is that they are small but very fast and wide rivers because of our mountainous relief… and that is where the doors to aquatic adventures open.

A land in which fast-flowing rivers enable white water rafting to be enjoyed; 100% adrenalin aboard a raft or hydrospeed. If you prefer to enjoy the landscape beyond the shores, you can do so in a less frenetic manner on another type of vessel (canoes, kayaks...) or following the flow of the streams along the steep mountainsides, by descending ravines.


The hydrographic basin of Nalón- Narcea stands out for its size, covering an area of around 4,900 square kilometres, it represents almost half the size of Asturias.


Descending canyons

Descending canyons.

Rafting down the Sella or the Cares creates a series of unforgettable and dramatic sensations, as does descending one of the canyons where you can practice canyoning particularly in Picos de Europa and the surrounding areas (Peñamellera Baja, Ponga), Proaza, San Andrés (Oviedo), etc. If you want to go one step further, try combining canyoning with caving. It is known as caving-canyoning and it involves descending a mountain river course until the water penetrates the earth, which is when caving comes into play, following its subterranean course.

Rafting. Sella river.

Rafting. Sella river.

If you feel like experiencing new sensations, you have to try rivering (coasteering), a route along the shores of the rivers, combining trekking, jumping into the water, mountain hiking, abseiling and even a bit of caving. The coast of Ribadesella seems to have been designed to be discovered with this combination of activities. Or paddle surf, which is not only reserved for the sea, you can placidly glide down rivers on a surf board, to the gentle sound of the birds singing and the murmur of a waterfall. Or simply enjoy the silence.

Paddle surf. Niembro Estuary (Celorio - Llanes)

Paddle surf. Niembro Estuary (Celorio - Llanes).

You will be captivated right from the start by our riparian forests and our aquatic life experienced from a different perspective. The Valdemurio reservoir or the surrounding areas of the Picos de Europa are a good place to first try paddle surf before heading to the sea, from the smaller waterways on the East coast (Niembro or Tinamayor) or the larger ones such as Villaviciosa, Nalón or the Eo estuary. The Sella and the Navia are two river basins that are very popular with paddle surf enthusiasts.

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