Open to the Cantabrian Sea, you will be able to enjoy splendid coastal landscapes created by the marine terraces of Asturias, idyllic landscapes to be enjoyed in a sea kayak, for example, and above all magnificent waves that make it one of the most sought-after surfing spots both nationally and internationally.

Sea kayak (Llanes)

Sea kayak (Llanes).

The sea will also enable you to enjoy wonderful experiences. Amid enchanting landscapes and enviable waves, the Cantabrian Sea in Asturias never fails to impress visitors, from the most peaceful seaman to the most active adventurer.


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  • Why not try the waves on the Western Coastline of Asturias and enjoy its crests, shoals, peaks, etc.
  • Paddle surf is an original way to discover eastern Asturias.
  • The feeling of cruising along the coast where the dinosaurs lived.
  • Discover the sea inlets of Villaviciosa and Eo in a kayak.
  • Swim down the Navia Estuary, an open-sea swimming competition that has been held every year since 1958 and is now famous worldwide.


Windsurf (Gijón/Xixón).
Surfing in the Cantabrian Sea in Asturias

The beaches of Asturias and its vast array of surfing aspects with peaks, pipes, shoals, powerful waves, lots of sea foam and guaranteed fun, attract an increasing number of followers in and out of the water. There are a series of festive-sporting events that are a must on every surfer's annual diary: Salinas Longboard Festival, in July in Salinas (Castrillón), Surf, Music and Friends at the beginning of August also in Salinas (Castrillón), the Open International in Tapia de Casariego "Memorial Peter Gulley" during Easter or the Motorbeach Festival in July in Caravia, among others.



There are many Asturian beaches from East to West, ideal for surfing (bodyboarding and bodysurfing); it is hard to choose a beach, since, overall they form the widest variety of crests, summits, shoals, waves from right to left and left to right, etc. but which will definitely include: San Antolín, Cuevas del Mar, Santa Marina, Vega, Rodiles, Merón, Playa España, Peñarrubia, El Mongol, San Lorenzo –the birthplace of surf in Asturias-, Xivares, Candás, Luanco, Verdicio, Xagó, Salinas, El Espartal and the western Cueva, Otur, El Moro, Navia, La Grande –this is normally the venue for the European and Penarronda championship. Asturias is the ideal place to practice surf with the best guarantees.


Who knows, maybe you will come across the boy that swims in the waves, known as Espumeru in Asturian mythology.


But you can also enjoy less frenetic activities such as paddle surf, dinghy sailing, etc. or enjoy the seabeds, which are sure to surprise you. The Asturian sea can be enjoyed in a swimsuit or a wetsuit all year round.

You will also find the activity that you need at any given time; whether you feel like relaxing, by practicing recreational boat fishing or if you want to de-stress in a more frenetic manner. Or purely for fun. Aquatic ski, banana rides, kitesurf... you will always have something to choose from and always with the guarantee of our professional guides and monitors.

Paddle surf

Paddle surf.

Surf. (La Espasa - Caravia)

Surf. (La Espasa - Caravia).

The ports of Gijón/Xixón, Llastres (Colunga), Ribadesella/Ribeseya, Cudillero, Castropol or El Puntal (Villaviciosa) are magnificent ports to begin your discovery of the amazing Asturian coastline aboard a motorboat or a light sail boat.


Alone, with your partner, your family or in a group, you will find the perfect marine activity for you.


Fishing from boat (Villaviciosa)

Fishing from boat (Villaviciosa).
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  • Aquatic ski.
  • Flyboard.
  • Sea Kayak.
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Surf courses (Tapia de Casariego)

Surf courses (Tapia de Casariego).
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